2014 Watershed Council Meeting Agendas

Thursday December 11 Agenda 12-11-14 9:00 am – 12:00 pm, Topping Room, EP Foster Library, 651 East Main, Ventura. (Topics: Energy Coalition representatives will explain how their organization is now working in the energy-water nexus realm, and how they would like to be able to help advance energy efficiency, renewable energy, and water conservation projects in the watershed. Special Meeting. Funding for the Council staff is changing and warrants a look at the Council's structure. Action Items: Should any changes be made to the Council's Leadership Committee structure at this juncture; Are any changes warranted to the Governance Charter; Should Ojai Valley Land Conservancy remain the organization's fiscal agent. Review 2015 budget and work plan for watershed coordinator.) Thursday November 20 Agenda 11-20-14 9:00 am – 12:00 pm, Topping Room, EP Foster Library, 651 East Main, Ventura. (Topics: Report on Proposition 1, and planning for the next and final round of Proposition 84 funding. The Council needs to have their priority project ideas ready by spring of 2015. Action Item: Approve the final version of Part1: Introduction; Part 2: Watershed Plan, Projects & Programs; and the Executive Summary of the Ventura River Watershed Management Plan. Group Photo. Action Item: WCVC Steering Committee Representative Elections1) Elect two representatives, and two alternates, to serve on the Watersheds Coalition of Ventura County’s Steering Committee. 2) Determine the term of service of these positions. Status report on the formation of a groundwater sustainability agency for the Upper Ventura River Groundwater Basin. Report on how Ojai Basin Groundwater Management Agency will comply with the new groundwater sustainability requirements.) Tuesday October 7 Agenda 10-7-14 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm, Oak View Community Center, 18 Valley Rd., Oak View (Topics: Overview of key sections of the draft watershed management plan that are out for review; Overview presentation of three historic groundwater bills signed by the Governor on Sept. 16, requiring that groundwater “sustainability plans” be developed for many basins in California; Water agency representatives discussed current water conservation and water use efficiency programs.) Thursday August 7  Agenda 8-7-14 9:00 am – 12:00 pm, Topping Room, EP Foster Library, 651 East Main, Ventura. (Topics: Presentation on the San Antonio Creek Spreading Grounds by Elizabeth Martinez, Ventura County Watershed Protection District. Review of draft Findings for the Watershed Management Plan. Brief discussion on the plan’s draft implementation Campaigns. Reports from local water districts on their response to California’s Resolution regarding Emergency Regulation of urban water conservation.) Thursday June 5  Agenda 6-5-14 9:00 am – 12:00 pm, Topping Room, EP Foster Library, 651 East Main, Ventura. (Topics: Provide direction to staff in terms of developing the "action plan" element of the watershed management plan. Presenation by Greg Schnaar of Daniel B. Stephens & Associates on the update and refinement of the Ojai Basin Groundwater Management Agency's groundwater model and projections of depth to water going forward. Presentation by Ewelina Mutkowska & David Kirby from the County of Ventura on Urban Low Impact Development Retrofit at Meiners Oaks. A vote was made to approve the Council's governance charter for another year, and Lynn Rodriguez of the Watershed Coalition of Ventura County gave an update on the Pro.p 84 Drought Emergency Grant Funding.) Thursday May 8 Agenda_5_8_14 9:00 am – 12:00 pm, Topping Room, EP Foster Library, 651 East Main, Ventura. (Topics: Vote on projects from the watershed that should be considered for Proposition 84 Drought Emergency Grant Funding, and review the Ventura River Watershed (VRW) section draft of the IRWMP. Updates on the drought were given, and the six projects requesting funding were presented to the council. Lynn Rodriguez gave an update on the IRWMP process, and the council discussed revisions to the VRW section of the IRWMP. An update on the watershed coordinator grant extension was also discussed.) Thursday February 6 Agenda 2-6-14 8:30 – 11:30 am, Topping Room, EP Foster Library, 651 East Main, Ventura. (Topics: Review water quality issues and discuss the process of writing the watershed management plan. Presentation by Arne Anslem of the Ventura County Watershed Protection District on water quality programs. Lynn Rodriguez from the Watersheds Coalition of Ventura County updated members on the drought and the status of the Integrated Regional Water Management Plan. The group discussed the draft content and editing process for the water quality sections of the watershed management plan.)