Residential and Commercial Water Use Surveyswc_survey_01_shower

Casitas Municipal Water District offers free, on-site water use surveys of single- and multi-family households as well as businesses within the district’s boundaries. The surveys can include both indoor and landscape water use. The indoor surveys check for leaks, showerhead and faucet flow rates, toilet flush volumes, and the efficiency of all water-using appliances. The landscape survey includes reviewing the irrigation system, irrigation design, and watering schedules. The surveys also include meter reading to reveal possible system leaks. Customers will be provided recommendations for improving water-use efficiency; and information on toilet, clothes washer and landscape rebates. To schedule an appointment call 805/649-2251 x128. Appointments are available Monday thru Friday, between 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Casitas’s website.

Leak Detectionwc_survey_02_sidewalk

Leak detection is an important part of water conservation. Constant leaks in plumbing are not uncommon. One of the most common sources of leaks in a house is from toilets, which can be relatively easy to correct. Leaks waste not only water, but money. If your water bill has jumped but you don’t think you’ve increased water use, then you may want to find out if you have a leak. If you need help determining if a leak may exist, call Casitas Municipal Water District at 805/649-2251 x128 for assistance.

Agricultural Irrigation Evaluations


Free agricultural irrigation evaluations are available from the Ventura County Resource Conservation District’s (RCD) Mobile Irrigation Lab. This program provides on-site irrigation system analysis and technical assistance to improve water use efficiency. Growers learn how well their irrigation system is functioning and are provided with recommendations on how to improve their system’s performance to increase water use efficiency. The RCD Mobile Irrigation Lab also includes a cost share program to help fund “best management practice” (BMP) implementation for irrigation systems of orchard, row crop, and nursery operations. As part of the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board’s “Ag Waiver” program to address water quality in Ventura County, growers must implement BMPs to help eliminate dry-weather runoff and improve water quality. Funding through the cost share program can be used for such things as tensiometers, atmometers, drip and micro irrigation systems, and other types of equipment. As funding allows, growers can be reimbursed for up to 50% of eligible equipment costs, and an additional 50% of costs after demonstrating improvements in irrigation efficiency and reductions in water usage. To sign up the RCD at 805/216-3641 or 805/764-5136. VCRCD’s website. In addition, Casitas Municipal Water District offers growers in their district a $650 rebate for equipment that will help improve irrigation efficiency. Funds for this program are limited. For more information contact Casitas at 805/649-2251 x118 or

Hobby Farm Irrigation Evaluations

Free irrigation evaluations for “hobby farms,” those that are irrigating between 1 to 2 acres of crops, are available from Casitas Municipal Water District in partnership with Ventura County Resource Conservation District. (Farms larger in size qualify for irrigation evaluations from the RCD under a different program, discussed above.) As part of the hobby farm irrigation evaluations, a 50% cost share for water use efficiency equipment, up to $125, is offered. Funds for this program are limited.For more information contact Casitas at 805/649-2251 x118 or   (Top two photos courtesy of Ventura County Star)