2012 Watershed Council Meetings

Agenda 12-13-12 (Topics: Ag/Econ Subcommittee meeting report; Public Scoping meeting report; participant input and Leadership Committee approval of Goals, Objectives and Guiding Values for Watershed Management Plan; discussion on climate change vulnerability assessment; UCSB Bren School project update; Watersheds Coalition of Ventura County activities update; review of TMDL regulation for Algae, Eutrophic Conditions and Nutrients; introduction of draft TMDL regulation for pumping/diversion impairment) Agenda 10-3-12 Summary 10-3-12 (Topics: Open house with Council members and participants; presentation on the development of a Ventura River Watershed Management Plan and discussion on plan goals; participant input on biggest concerns and best ideas for the watershed and the associated plan; collection of participant input for review and inclusion in the plan) Agenda 9-6-12 (Topics: Draft Council brochure and minor charter change; Proposition 84 Implementation Grant - Round 2: proposed projects presentation and ranking; Ben Faber presentation on new pest threats of concern and mulch use by local tree crop growers; Watershed management plan goals and objectives, including discussion and voting on the appropriateness of including agricultural and economic goals; October 3 meeting planning; and upcoming Council meeting schedule) Agenda 8-8-12 Summary 8-8-12 Ventura River Pumping-Diversions Impairment Fact Sheet (Topics: Ventura River Watershed Mgmt. Plan structure and outcomes; October evening public scoping meeting; summary of water quality monitoring and impairments; overview of the recently released draft TMDL for algae, eutrophic conditions and nutrients; update on upcoming regulation for pumping/diversion impairment; report on the Ventura River parkway project) This meeting included a discussion of the proposed Basin Plan Amendment issued by the California Regional Water Quality Control Board, Los Angeles Region, on July 20, 2012 to incorporate a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) for algae, eutrophic conditions and nutrients in the Ventura River, including the estuary, and its tributaries. Here is a link to the proposed amendent and all attachments. Here is a link to a brief summary of the draft TMDL regulation. Agenda 7-17-12 Draft Measurable Objectives for IRWMP Update 7-12-2012 Summary 7-17-12 (Topics: Development of measurable objectives for the IRWMP update, Jordan Kear presentation on a groundwater surface water interaction pilot study in the Upper Ventura River groundwater basin, Planning for the next round of Proposition 84 funding) Agenda 6-13-12 Meeting Summary 6-13-12 (Topics: Pending Regional Water Quality Control Board TMDL (algae regulation), Water rights as they relate to the pumping/diversion impairments, Climate change and the Integrated Regional Watershed Management Plan, Harmonizing the Integrated Regional Watershed Management Plan and Ventura River Watershed Management Plan, Prop 84 – the next round of funding, Ojai Valley Land Conservancy’s Ventura River Steelhead Preserve update, Ventura Hillsides Conservancy update) Agenda 5-9-12 Summary 5-9-12 (Topics: Pending Regional Water Quality Control Board TMDL (algae regulation), Integrated water quality monitoring in other areas and our current water quality monitoring efforts, Governance Charter and Leadership Committee members, Watershed Management Plan: Purpose, Overarching Goals, and Guiding Values, Propositions 50 and 84, Integrated Regional Watershed Management Plan update, Local Groundwater Assistance Grant, UCSB Bren School project, New Watershed Documents Inventory, May Water Awareness Month) Agenda 4-3-12 Meeting Summary 4-3-12 (Topics: Watershed Council history and organization,  Watersheds Coalitions of Ventura County-overview, Agriculture in the Ojai Valley, Taylor Ranch - giant reed removal, The homeless, May Water Awareness Month) Agenda 2-28-12 Meeting Summary 2-28-12 (Topics: New Watershed Council logo and website, Watershed Council Charter proposal, Meeting schedule, Climate Change Workshop by Department of Water Resources, Watershed Coalitions of Ventura County Steering Committee proposed change, Propositions 50 and 84, Pending Regional Water Quality Control Board TMDL (algae regulation), Biodigester Feasibility Study Kickoff, Local Groundwater Assistance Grant, Ventura River Watershed Protection Plan Report)   For prior meeting agendas, click here.