Free Water Saving Equipment

ShowerheadCasitas Municipal Water District offers free water conservation devices to all residents living in the district’s wholesale service area, which includes most of the Ventura River watershed. Their service area includes the Ojai Valley, Upper Ojai, Meiners Oaks, Mira Monte, Casitas Springs, and Ventura’s Westside, as well as the Rincon area and the city of Ventura to about Mills Road. (Service area map.)faucetaerater

The free devices available include low-flow (massage) showerhead, kitchen and bathroom faucet aerators (which slow the volume of water but keep the force), toilet flappers (which need to be replaced from time to time because they leak with age), and dye tablets (a quick way to test your toilet for leaks). Flapper

To get your free water saving equipment, just go to the district’s office at 1055 Ventura Avenue in Oak View between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm. (Limit 2 per household.) You’ll be asked to sign a register that includes your address. Casitas Municipal Water District's website.

Casitas’s showerheads and aerators can also be picked up at the Ojai Green Coalition’s Resource Center at 206 N. Signal St. Suite S, which is open Wednesday thru Friday from 12:00 to 5:00 pm.

Water Saving Equipment Rebates

Great rebates on some great, water saving equipment are available to residents and businesses in the watershed.

Rebates on high efficiency washing machines, toilets, and smart irrigation controllers are available to residents and businesses throughout Casitas’ wholesale service area, and to residents in Golden State Water Company's service area (Map). Casitas also offers, on a limited basis, rebates for irrigation efficiency equipment to farmers and those with “hobby farms.” Rebates on rain barrels are available to residents of the city of Ventura, and customers of Golden State Water Company (primarily city of Ojai) may receive rebates on efficient sprinkler nozzles

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High efficiency washing machine and toilet rebates are administered for Casitas through the California Urban Water Conservation Council. If you have any questions about the rebate program or form, contact Casitas at 649-2251 x118. Golden State Water Company residential customers may apply for rebates through Golden State. Here is a link to Golden State's rebate information. Their phone number is 800/999-4033.

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Smart irrigation controller rebates are administered by Casitas Municipal Water District and Golden State Water Company.


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Rain barrel rebates are available to city of Ventura residents only.

Agricultural & Hobby Orchard Irrigation Efficiency Equipment

Growers located within Casitas Municipal Water District’s wholesale service area are eligible to receive a $650 rebate for equipment that will help improve irrigation efficiency. This offer is paired with the free irrigation evaluations available from the Ventura County Resource Conservation District. Casitas also offers rebates of $125 for irrigation efficiency equipment to those with “hobby farms” in their district that participate in a free irrigation evaluation provided by Casitas. Funds for both of these programs are limited.For more information contact Casitas at 805/649-2251 x118 or