Watershed Management Plan

VRWMP-4 The Ventura River Watershed Management Plan - watershed’s first comprehensive management plan - was approved by the Watershed Council on March 5, 2015. The plan contains four parts and an executive summary, which can be downloaded as a complete document (800+ pages/149 mb), or as individual plan sections. About the Watershed Management Plan.

Complete Plan (149 mb)

Cover The complete plan includes a hyperlinked Table of Contents.

 Table of Contents and Acknowledgments (756 kb)


Executive Summary (3.2 mb)


Part 1 - About This Plan (3 mb)


Part 2 - Watershed Plan, Projects, and Programs (16.7 mb)


 Part 3 - Watershed Characterization

3-1 Overview and Quick Facts (3.6 mb)


3-2 Physical Features (20.4 mb)


3-3 Hydrology (29.5 mb)


3-4 Water Supplies and Demands (9.2 mb)


3-5 Water Quality (12.5 mb)


3-6 Ecosystems and Access to Nature  (33.5 mb)


3-7 Land Use and Demographics (20.9 mb)


Part 4 - References and Supporting Material (2 mb)


The Ventura River Watershed Management Plan is meant to serve as both a plan and a comprehensive online resource of information about the watershed. Facts, descriptions, and analyses are available on a wide range of topics, all presented in style of writing meant to be accessible by a general audience.

It is the Council’s hope that the contents of this document will serve as a reference in support of many causes that benefit the watershed - including grant applications for watershed projects and programs.

Clarity and reader comprehension were key targets in the development of the plan, and to aid in this the document is richly illustrated with photographs, maps, charts, and other graphic elements. As primarily an online resource, rather than a printed document, the extra pages these graphic elements added were felt to be worth the benefits to the reader.

The plan offers three levels of contents indexing: a table of contents for the entire plan; a table of contents for each of the four plan parts; and in Part 3 - Watershed Characteristics - a table of contents for each of its seven chapters. This multi-level indexing is meant to allow parts and chapters to stand alone as useful documents in and of themselves.

Lorraine Walter (former watershed coordinator) authored the watershed management plan, with a great number of people contributing to its development. It was truly a collaborative, grassroots effort. On behalf of the Watershed Council, the watershed, and all who care for it—thank you!

Questions about the plan can be directed to Zoe Carlson, watershed coordinator, at zoe.carlson@ventura.org or 805/654-2032. Presentations to local groups and boards are available.