The watershed’s 5 major urban water suppliers are described below. In addition, 11 smaller mutual water companies and 8 private water companies serve water in the watershed. Major Urban Water District Map To report a minor leak, call the appropriate water district below. To report a major leak, call 911. Casitas Municipal Water District, 805/649-2251 www.casitaswater.org   On Facebook: www.facebook.com/fbsitecasitasmunicipalwaterdistrict Casitas Municipal Water District (CMWD) is the primary water supplier in the watershed, providing water to both water resale agencies and retail customers. The City of Ventura is Casitas’ largest customer, and Lake Casitas water serves as one of the main sources of water for the city of Ventura. One of CMWD’s important functions is to serve as the “backup” water supply for a number of their customers, including 9 water suppliers as well as farmers, when groundwater supplies become depleted. CMWD’s service area encompasses 150 square miles and includes the city of Ojai, Upper Ojai, the Ventura River Valley area, the city of Ventura south to about Mills Road, and the Rincon and beach area to the ocean and Santa Barbara County line. CMWD gets its water from Lake Casitas, which is fed by both the surrounding drainages and water diverted from the Ventura River. The district also operates 1 well in the Mira Monte area. Ventura Water (City of Ventura), 805/667-6500 (805/650-8010 – emergency after hours) www.cityofventura.net/water On Facebook: www.facebook.com/venturawater Ventura Water is the name of the City of Ventura’s department that supplies water, treats wastewater and manages stormwater. Ventura Water’s service area comprises several watersheds, including the lower part of the Ventura River watershed east of the Ventura River (primarily the Westside). Lake Casitas is one of Ventura Water’s primary supply sources. The water received from CMWD may only be used within CMWD’s service area, which extends to about Mills Road. Ventura Water operates 4 groundwater wells at Foster Park (one of which is not currently operational because of damages sustained in the 2005 flood), and both a surface and subsurface intake on the Ventura River at Foster Park (though the surface diversion has not been operational since the mid-1990s). Ventura Water also depends upon groundwater from sources in the Santa Clara River watershed.   Ventura River County Water District, 805/646-3403 www.vrcwd.com Ventura River County Water District is a small water district that provides water in the neighborhoods from Casitas Springs to the city of Ojai at the Vons shopping center. VRCWD obtains water from four wells located adjacent to the Ventura River. Water from CMWD is purchased on a continuing basis for some connections, and the district also has an agreement to purchase water from Casitas during emergencies and drought conditions. Meiners Oaks Water District, 805/646-2114 www.meinersoakswater.com Meiners Oaks Water District is a small water district that serves water to the Meiners Oaks community on the east side of the Ventura River. They operate 5 wells, and can use CMWD water as backup.